My name is Genya O’Neall, and my initials “G.O.” are quite appropriate for my lifestyle and career—always full of energy and on the move! 

With an education in editorial and commercial photography, I assisted photographers from Atlanta to London before developing my own business and focusing on events.  Through event photography I perfected my craft as I learned to connect on a personal level with each client and move with them at the speed of light as the day’s events unfolded (sometimes in very unexpected ways!).  After establishing myself and shooting weddings across the country, I am excited to return to my editorial and commercial roots.



Focusing on kids is a natural fit as a mother of four who not only has an abundance of childlike energy but also a magnificent understanding of working with lively people and unpredictable moments. I have an uncanny way of pulling the life out of each and every situation from the ordinary to the unanticipated, resulting in strong and powerful images that strike an emotional cord with the viewer.

I’m always on my toes, on the “G.O.” and ready to capture the spontaneous twists and turns that shooting life – and especially kids! – can bring.

 Client List:

Kids 2, Baby Einstein, Oka-B, Ingenuity , Okabashi, Bright Starts, Very Fine South.